2020 Training Schedule
All training sessions will be held in the conference room in the new terminal building at Harry Browne Airport, 4821 Janes Rd, Saginaw, MI. (unless other wise noted).

Training Attendance
Date Topic Presenter Time
January 23 Resourse Request and other ICS Forms KC8YVF 7:00 PM
February 27 Simplex Exercise using ICS Forms KC8YVF 7:00 PM
March 26 Skywarn Training/Review Skywarn, Skywarn KC8YVF 7:00 PM
April 23 NWS Radar Skywarn KC8YVF 7:00 PM
May 28 Basic Communication Skills Basic Communication Skills KC8YVF 7:00 PM
June 25 Direction Finding exercise
(Randle Wicks park)
KC8YVF 6:00 PM
July 23 No training - -
August 27 State and ARRL SET KC8YVF 7:00 PM
September 24 Mildland Flood from the EOC, Fall SET K8GTG/KC8YVF 7:00 PM
October 22 Fall SET Review (State)Skywarn, (Local)Skywarn KC8YVF 7:00 PM
November 19 Fldigi Skywarn, Video, Extra Links W8DW 7:00 PM
December 5 Holiday Breakfast - 8:30 AM

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Training Description:

  • January - You will learn how to fill out and transmit ICS forms like the Resource Request, 214 and 205A. These forms will be utilized in the Fall SET.
  • February -  Sending messages not your cup of tea, with this simplex exercise you will learn how to transmit and receive ICS forms like a pro. Please bring an HT to this training.
  • March - With severe weather season on it way, we will review Skywarn policies and procedures for checking into nets, reporting criteria, color conditions and more. This training is great for new skywarn members and review for seasoned vets too. This meeting will take place on the Saginaw 147.240 repeater at 7 pm.
  • April -  Ever wonder what you are looking at on the NWS radar site. This training will cover the different radar products from NWS and basic radar interpretation. This training will be presented online via Webinar. 
  • May -  This lesson introduces communication skills that are specific to emcomm operations, and helps you understand differences from normal Amateur Radio operations.
  • June - Direction finding exercise - fox hunt exercise using teams in Randle Wicks park
  • July - N/A
  • August - We will discuss the October State and ARRL emergency exercises.
  • September - Jack K8GTG will give his perspective of the Midland Flood from his observations from the EOC. The second part of the training will cover the October SET's.
  • October -  Fall SET reveiw
  • November - Ever wonder what Fldigi is and how to use it? This training will explain and demostrate the operation of the software.
  • December - Due to the Covid restrictions, there will be no Holiday/Awards breakfast this year.  We look forward to next years breakfast.

Directions: (from North or South)
Exit I-75 at E. Holland Ave (M-46) and travel East to N. Towerline Road.  Turn left
and travel North to Janes Road.  Turn right and travel East.  The airport will be on
your left.  Enter the main entrance.  The Pilots Lounge is located in the large hanger

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