This form is to be used to report your ARES public service hours only.  ARRL public service hours are different then these listed below.

Enter the total number of hours for each section and the names of the events you participated in, in the box to the right.

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- Monthly Public Service Worksheet (use this worksheet to record your monthly hours then transfer the Section Totals to the online form at the end of each month.)

(Report your hours in each category base on the description below)

1.) Participation in ARES Drills, Tests, Training sessions or Meetings .

  • This includes simulated emergency tests and related practice events; off-the-air meetings, planning and coordination efforts with related emergency groups and served agencies; EC/AEC planning sessions and meetings; radio/packet/traffic or other related training sessions.
  • CERT, Citizen Corps and National Weather Service training (any training provided by served agencies to ARES members).
  • Traffic, District 3 or other ARES/RACE nets of a non-emergency nature.
  • Club meetings, board meetings, Monday night net (Public Service events are usually discussed)

2.) Participation in scheduled, short-term public service events such as walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons and parades This also includes club radio or antenna projects or other project nights, Metro Youth Day and Care Breaks, MS Walk, etc.

3.) Participation in an unplanned emergency operations when the Amateur Radio operator is on the scene. This also includes unplanned incident requests by public or served agencies for Amateur Radio participation, Skywarn or other weather related incidents; mutual aid requests to other counties.

(per ARRL PSD-212)

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