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Red Cross May 8 Winlink Exercise.
The Red Cross is having a national Winlink exercise on May 8, 2021.  The Operation "Unity" Scenario and Guideline PDF has all the information to participate in the drill. If are going to participate in this exercise, please email Ron at to let me know so I can update ARES Connect with the correct information.

PDF Guide

Great Lakes Area Winlink Net (GLAWN) is designed to promote the use of Winlink. This net is open primarily to those in states that border the Great Lakes including Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illionis, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York plus Ontario Canada. Messages should be sent to KB8RCR (or Check out the information sheet here.

Because of the current Covid restrictions, there are no events scheduled at this time.  Stay tuned for further developments.


Revised 05/04/21