2017 Training Schedule
All training sessions will be held in the conference room in the new terminal building at Harry Browne Airport, 4821 Janes Rd, Saginaw, MI. (unless other wise noted).

Training Attendance
Date Topic Presenter Time
January 26 Using HT's as mobile and home station radios N8ERL 7:00 PM
February 23 Message Exercise N8ERL/KC8YVF 7:00 PM
March 23 Long Term Power Outage N8ERL/KD8MMH 7:00 PM
April 27 Alternative Food Sources Everyone 7:00 PM
May 25 Dual Band J-Pole Antenna Build KC8YVF 6:30 PM
June 21 Direction Finding exercise
(Randle Wicks park)
July 27 No training - -
August 24 Picnic and Movie Night KC8YVF/N8ERL 6:00 PM
September 28 Coast Guard Station Tour KE8AHW 7:00 PM
October 26 Emergency Planning KC8YVF 7:00 PM
November 16 ICS-214 Activity Log KC8YVF 7:00 PM
December 2 Holiday Breakfast - 9:00 AM


Training Description:

  • January - Using your HT's as mobile and home station radio and programming your HT using Chirp -software
  • February - This message exercise will test your knowledge of sending IS-213 and radiograms using your HT. Prizes will be awarded for the team with the most accurate and fastest time sending their messages.
  • March - Sustaining communications during long term power outages. Alternative power options.
  • April - During a long term power outage normal sources of food may not be avaialble. So how do you feed you and your family. We will try out alternitive foods like MRE's, freeze-dryed, etc. Each person should bring a food item to the training to try out. 
  • May - Build a 300-Ohm Dual Band antenna for your Baofeng or Woxun HT ($5-6 for coax w/BNC or SMA male connector) adapter may be needed.
  • June - Direction finding exercise - fox hunt exercise using teams in Randle Wicks park
  • July - N/A
  • August - For the picnic, please bring a dish to pass and a chair for the movie
  • September - Enjoy a tour of the Bay City Coast Guard Station with KE8AHW as your host,
  • October -  Planning for an emergency. Do you have a plan for your family and your equipment? Learn what you need to know to get started.
  • November - Filling out and Using an ICS-214 form. The Activity Log can be an invaluable tool for both public service events and emergency activations.
  • December - IHop on Tittabawassee Rd near I-675 at 11:30 am

Directions: (from North or South)
Exit I-75 at E. Holland Ave (M-46) and travel East to N. Towerline Road.  Turn left
and travel North to Janes Road.  Turn right and travel East.  The airport will be on
your left.  Enter the main entrance.  The Pilots Lounge is located in the large hanger

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