2013 Training Schedule
All training sessions will be held in the Pilots Lounge at Harry Browne Airport, 4821 Janes Rd, Saginaw, MI.

Date Topic Presenter Time
January 24 Search and Rescue
(Please bring your HT and manual to this training)
Multiple 7:00 PM
February 28 New Hospital Packet system N8ERL, KC8YVF 7:00 PM
March 28 National Traffic System Dave, W8DW 7:00 PM
April 25 Amateur TV, May Drill Ron, KC8YVF 7:00 PM
May 23 *Directional Antenna build,
SET debrief
June 27 Fox Hunt N8ERL, KC8YVF 7:00 PM
July No training - -
August 22 S&R Movie & Picnic Ron, KC8YVF 6:30 PM
September 26 Message Handling Dave, N8ERL 7:00 PM
October 24 SET debrief, Central Fire Radios Ron, KC8YVF 7:00 PM
November 14 NIMS Training (part 1) KC8YVF 7:00 PM
December 7 Holiday Breakfast (Texan on State) - 8:30 AM

*(Measuring Tape Directional Antenna)

Revised 10/11/21