2019 Training Schedule
All training sessions will be held in the conference room in the new terminal building at Harry Browne Airport, 4821 Janes Rd, Saginaw, MI. (unless other wise noted).

Training Attendance
Date Topic Presenter Time
January 24 Preparing for Deployment Preparing for Deployment,  Winter Field Day KC8YVF 7:00 PM
February 28 Operational Stress Operational Stress KC8YVF 7:00 PM
March 28 Traumatic Stress KE8AHW 7:00 PM
April 25 Saginaw County/MBS SET Prep
7:00 PM
May 23 Ground Plane 2-Meter Antenna build, SET debrief N8ERL
7:00 PM
June 27 Direction Finding exercise
(Randle Wicks park)
KC8YVF 6:00 PM
July 25 No training - -
August 22 Picnic and Movie Night KC8YVF/N8ERL 6:00 PM
September 26 Evacuation Go Kits Evacuation Go Kits KC8YVF 7:00 PM
October 24 Winlink Basics KC8VOA 7:00 PM
November 21 What to Expect in a Major Emergency What to expect in a disaster KC8YVF 7:00 PM
December 7 Holiday Breakfast - 8:30 AM

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Training Description:

  • January - Making the right preparations can make all the difference between a successful deployment and your own disaster. This training will give you some incite on preparing for a emergency deployment. Also we will be discussing plans for Winter Field Day 2019.
  • February -  An emergency deployment can be a stressful event for even the best trained operator. This training will discuss ways to prepare, manage and mitigate stress when operating in an emergency environment.
  • March - Handling traumatic stress is the topic of this training. Randy KE8AHW will be giving us information on ways to handle this level of stress in the event we come across this issue in a deployment. The meeting will be held at Saginaw Community Hospital on Hospital Road in Saginaw Township.
  • April -  This meeting will be spent in preperation for the Saginaw County/ MBS Airport emergency exercise that will be held on Thursday May 16. All ARES members are encourged to attend this meeting as this will be our only opportunity to go over our responsibilities and discuss any issues prior to the SET.  We will also have an overview presentation on Winlink Express from KC8VOA.
  • May -  Want to expand your available emeregency antenna options for your 2-meter radio. This meeting we will build a simple ground plane antenna to add to your emergency Go-kit. There will be a small cost for the materials for the build.
  • June - Direction finding exercise - fox hunt exercise using teams in Randle Wicks park
  • July - N/A
  • August - For the picnic, please bring a dish to pass and a chair for the movie
  • September - What would you take if you only had 30 minutes or less to evacuate your house due to an emergency? This training will discuss this issue and help you prepare for an emergency evacuation.
  • October -  Winlink is a global radio email application. This training will cover how to get started in using Winlink.
  • November - If a major disaster or emergency were to occur, what can we expect? This training will describe some of the problem areas you might expect to face.
  • December - Annual awards and joint breakfast with SVARA, Daniel's Grill, 100 S Michigan Ave at Court St, Saginaw.

Directions: (from North or South)
Exit I-75 at E. Holland Ave (M-46) and travel East to N. Towerline Road.  Turn left
and travel North to Janes Road.  Turn right and travel East.  The airport will be on
your left.  Enter the main entrance.  The Pilots Lounge is located in the large hanger

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