On Thursday May 13 Saginaw County conducted their simulated emergency test.  The scenario was a mid-air collision of two aircraft.  An emergency landing of one aircraft is requested at MBS airport with 200 soles on board.  On touch down, the pilot looses directional control and the plane cartwheels and comes to rest in the infield of the old drag stip.  Fire and police are dispatched, the EOC is activated, Red Cross responds with a Family Crisis Center and Amateur radio was asked to supply critical communications between the Incident scene, EOC, hospitals and Crisis center .

This years event was a joint venture including operators from Midland and Bay counties supporting each county hospitals and EOC.  It also included the new county ARES/RACES communications trailer.

Thank you to everyone evolved with planning and executing this years event.

Band Plan

Primary Net Control 147.240 MHz repeater
Backup Net Control 145.31 MHz
Local Incident 146.55 MHz simplex
EC Tactical Net 224.280 MHz repeater
Hospital Packet Net 220 Data 1




Revised 01/17/21