The Mobile Communications Trailer was purchased with Homeland Security funds through the county Emergency Management office.  Construction began in 2008 and has continued since then with most work done in 2010.  Once completed it will house:

  • Voice communications on 2 meter, 220 MHz, 440 MHz and HF bands.
  • 2 meter and 220 MHz packet
  • 4 channel ATV system
  • Mobile weather station
  • APRS

The 18 ft by 8 ft  double axle trailer can be powered by generator or direct AC and battery backup is planned.  It includes a local wired/wireless network utilizing 3 notebook computers and laser printer and has room for up to 6 operators.  Six NMO mount antennas are mounted to the roof and it also includes a 30 ft telescoping mast and rotor system for the ATV beam antennas.

Installing the rack cabinet

Installing the two Astron RM60 Power Supplies

The rack front door.

Radio Rack with 2 60 amp power supplies

Closed Rack

ATV, Voice and Packet stations with networked computer

Packet and Admin stations with networked computers and printer

Front View- Admin, Packet stations

Front View - ATV, Voice, Packet stations

Front workstation

Interior view



Revised 07/28/10