The Radio Room is located in the County 911 Operations Center. The room has been remodeled adding workstations and lockable wall and floor cabinets. There are 4 multiband commercial antennas installed on the roof allowing 2 meter, 440 MHz and 220 MHz communication.

Two Alinco 220 radios with packet boards were added for operation with the County Packet network.

 New Nino 1200/9600 baud TNC's were added in 2021 to replace the Alinco internal TNC boards to add Winlink compatibility to the setup.

The Radio Room is now functional on:

  • 2 Meter voice (3 radios)
  • 144/440 MHz packet (1 radio)
  • 220 voice/packet (2 radios)
  • 440 voice (1 radio)
  • HF (10-80 meters)
  • LAN with Internet and shared Printer/Scanner/Fax.
  • ATV receive station (1277.25 MHz)


  • New Dell computers and 19" LCD Monitors
  • 15" TV monitor and 1.2 GHz down converter for ATV reception
  • Kenwood TMV-71 dual band radio and KPC3+ TNC for district packet
  • Kenwood TS-440S HF radio
  • Kenwood MC-80 desk mic
  • Ameritron 80A 1000 watt amplier
  • BW-90 Folded Di-pole HF antenna (160-10 meters)
  • Nino TNC's for Winlink and Outpost digital messaging
The updated radio room with new computers and ATV
Station 1
VHF, UHF, 220 Voice/Packet
Station 2
VHF packet, HF, ATV
Station 3
VHF/UHF, 220 Voice/Packet
September 2006 install photos  
The new radio room
Jeff installing one of the radios

Ron Testing things out.
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