On Thursday May 16, 2019 members of the Saginaw County ARES group participated in the MBS Airport/Saginaw Country  simulated emergency exercise.  The ARES group provided supplemental communications and tracking for the bus transportation. The 911 radio room, communications trailer, Covenant Cooper ER, St Mary's ER and bus was staffed for the event.

Streaming video was provided from the incident scene at MBS airport to the EOC's in Midland and Bay counties as well as the 911 net control station and communications trailer. 

Our Objectives:

  1. Test call up procedure and staging operations (operators meet before call up)
  2. Test 2-meter communications utilizing the 147.24 and 145.33 repeaters from incident scene to 911, backup EOC, hospital ER locations
  3. Test Hospital Packet system including incident scene, 911, backup EOC and hospital ERs
  4. Test DMR HT communications from incident scene, 911 and backup EOC
  5. Test APRS site identification from incident scent and backup EOC
  6. Test mobile communications trailer functionality, including generator runtime and systems functionality (radios, packet, computers and printer).
  7. Test mobile voice and APRS communications from Bus to Net Control


KC8YVF, Ron Huss
W8DW, Dave Paquette
WB8LZA, Mary Paquette
KD8MMH, Mike Dougherty
KC8YVD, Gordy Schram
KE8KUD, Bob Janz
KC8VOA, Rick Schattilly
N8OSL, Joe Tuscher

N8EUI, Tom Schmidt
KB8SWR, Jeff Metiva
N8RDZ, Brooks Ehlert
K8AVJ, Mike Elias

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