Each December the Saginaw ARES leadership holds a combined breakfast with the Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association to honor ARES and SVARA volunteers for their contributions to public service, volunteer participation, and self betterment. This years event was held at the iHop restaurant on Tattabawassee Rd in Saginaw.  The breakfast began at 11:30 am and concluded by 1 pm.

Congratulations to all ARES members for their dedication to helping our community.

Here are the award winners for 2017.

SVARA Net Award
Minnie Passmore, KD8PAZ (42)
Dave Paquette, W8DW (41)
Bob Tuttle, N8YXR (40)
Joe Tuscher, N8OSL (36)
Mike Dougherty, KD8MM8 (36)

ARES Training Award
Dave Schneider, N8ERL (8 of 10)
Gordy Schramm, KC8YVD (7 of 10)

Public Service Award
Emmett Bengry, W8EAB (10 of 16 events)
Gordon Schramm, KC8YVD (8 of 16 events)

George E. Deaton Memorial Award
Emmett Bengry, W8EAB


Here are some of the photos for this year event. 














Revised 12/06/22