On Saturday October 8, 2022 members of the Saginaw County ARES group participated in a local and State of Michigan simulated emergency exercise.  The purpose of this exercise was to test simplex communtions between different county locations to county Winlink staions and pass the information via Winlink to the EC.

Our Objectives:

  1. Test simplex traffic handling capabilities between county locations using ICS-213 forms
  2. Test County Winlink stations between simplex stations using ICS-213 forms to the EC

The plan was to practice traffic handling using an ICS-213 form via simplex over a county wide area.  4 voice stations would passed traffic to an assigned county Winlink station on 2-meter simplex. Then each Winlink station would transfer the message to an electronic ICS-213 via Winlink and send it to the EC.  The EC would reply to the message via Winlink back to the original Winlink station which would then reply to the orginal voice station via simplex voice.

Congratulations to all that participated


Ron Huss, KC8YVF
Renee Paquette, KE8MYJ
Tom Schmidt, N8EUI
Rick Schattilly, KC8VOA
Mike Dougherty, KD8MMH
Fred Bolger, KE8QCO
Dave Schneider, N8ERL
Clayton Badgero
Frank Keating, AA8VG


Max KE8DON, Section Emergency Coordinator presenting Ron KC8YVF EC for Saginaw a third place finish
in this years exercise.




Revised 12/06/22