On Saturday October 13, 2018 members of the Saginaw County ARES group participated in a local and State of Michigan simulated emergency exercise.  The purpose of this exercise was to upgrade and test the voice, packet and HF capabilities of our ham radio system. We were also observed by a member of the MMR training staff on our operation and capabilities at 911.

Our Objectives:

  1. Test 911 voice, packet and HF stations, use Outpost and 213 form
  2. Test Cooper ER voice and packet station, use Outpost and 213 form
  3. Test St Mary’s ER voice and packet station, use Outpost and 213 form
  4. Send ICS-202 form via HF to State EOC as part of the state exercise

Also the State of Michigan department of emergency management conducted a state exercise using the communications room at the SEOC.  ICS-202 message forms were sent via packet and digital mode Olivia 8-500 to the state EOC. The purpose of this exercise was to test the viability of passing traffic in forms other them voice modes. Both our messages were received at the state EOC. 

Thank you to all operators that participated in this years exercise.  The objectives were accomplished and everyone had a good time.

KC8YVF, Ron Huss @ 911/field
W8DW, Dave Paquette @
N8EUI, Tom Schmidt @ home
N8RDZ, Brooks Ehlert @
KC8VOA, Rick Schattilly @
N8YXR Bob, Tuttle @ home
Lori Otega, from MMR @ 911

Rick, KC8VOA and Dave, W8DW operate at the 911 radio room.


Revised 12/06/22