On Saturday October 8, 2016 members of the Saginaw County ARES group participated in a local and State of Michigan simulated emergency exercise.   

A severe thunderstorm has developed over Saginaw County, knocking out power and downing trees to a large area of the county. Phone service has been interrupted and cell phones are not working in all areas because of the loss of power. Homes have been damaged due to the straight line winds and falling trees. Shelters have been set up for those affected by the storm. The county EOC has been activated and ARES has been requested to provide communication links between 911, the EOC, the hospitals and shelters.

Our Objectives:

Pass information from scene to local operators and state authorities

  1. Pass IS-213 traffic via packet between all stations, test communications on 2 meter 147.240 and 145.33 repeaters, test communications on DMR digital radios.
  2. ICS forms 213, 217a, and 205 will be used

Also the State of Michigan department of emergency management conducted a state exercise using the communications room at the SEOC.  Information was passed to the SEOC on DMR digital radio and through the district 145.31 repeater to the state EOC.

Thank you to all operators that participated in this years exercise.  The objectives were accomplished and everyone had a good time.

Gordy, KC8YVD
Dave, W8DW
Dave, N8ERL (Saginaw, remote)
Bob, N8YXR (Bay City, remote)
Kevin, KC8NFN (Saginaw, remote)
Mike, KC8MMH (Freeland, remote)
Joe, N8OSL (Genesee, remote)
Tom, N8EUI
Mike, N8XPS



Revised 12/06/22