On Saturday October 3rd, a major winter storm hit the Saginaw area.  10 inches of snow had fallen and more was expected.  Workers were not able to get into work and infrastructure suffered failures.  Large areas of the county were without power.  Amateur radio was asked to supply critical communications between the EOC, hospitals, Red Cross, blood bank and health department. 

All stations were running on emergency power.

This years local emergency test coincided with a State SET which tested the States ability to pass emergency traffic through HF, traffic nets and Hamgates.

Thanks to everyone evolved with planning and executing this years event.

Band Plan

Primary Net Control 146.55 MHz simplex
Backup Net Control 146.58 MHz simplex
Backup Net Control 147.24 MHz repeater
Hamgate 145.090 MHz simplex
EC Tactical Net 220 Tac 1
Hospital Packet Net 220 Data 1
911-Red Cross Net 220 Data 2
State EOC Net 3.932 MHz


The group getting their assignments
Dave, N8ERL manning the HF station at the Red Cross

The de-briefing session in progress
The group taking it all in

Revised 01/17/21