On October 6th, 2007 a chemical fire at a factory west of Saginaw required the evacuation of plant personnel and civilians living in the area.  The Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association ARES group was called in to provide communications for bus transportation, evacuation shelters, EOC and Red Cross command.  Although this was only a drill, such a situation is possible and was the scenario for this years simulated emergency test.

The scenario included a local Incident Command, EOC Net Control, Red Cross Net, bus and shelter communications using simplex, 2 repeaters and packet.  A loss bus was tracked via APRS and even included an incident of malicious interference was handled without incident.  Problems were identified and corrected and the test went off without any major issues.

Thanks to everyone evolved with planning and executing this years event.

Band Plan

Local Incident Command Net - Simplex 146.55 MHz
Incident Command to EOC - 2 Meter repeater (147.24 MHz)
EOC to Red Cross - 220 MHz repeater (224.28 MHz)
EC tactical net - Simplex 220 MHz Tac channel 1
Data communications - Simplex 220 MHz data channel 1 & 2


Aaron running the 911 Net Control station 

Aaron at Net Control with the ATV repeater active at left

Keith and Emmett at the Red Cross 
Dave working Packet at the Incident Command trailer in Hemlock
Jim, Lou, Emmett, Dave and Keith after the SET for lunch

Revised 01/17/21