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Saginaw County Emergency Management


The next ARES training will be held on April 25, 2019. Please check the training link for more information.


Saginaw County ARES provides emergency communications in times of need.  We are active in severe weather events, county disaster drills and community activities.

Saginaw County ARES has the full cooperation of the Saginaw County Office of Emergency Management and is an important part of the disaster plans of Saginaw County. Through ongoing training, testing and certification, our organization is able to provide communications support for Saginaw County and our served agencies. A dedicated radio room at Central Dispatch and radio station at the EOC allows us to communicate directly with dispatchers and local authorities while grants have allowed us to purchase and install a county wide Packet Radio System and a mobile Communications Trailer to provide further support.

You do not have to be a member of the ARRL to be a member of ARES.  You ONLY have to volunteer as much spare time as you want and have a desire to serve the public.

So if you are a licensed Ham radio operator, have an interest in serving your community and have fun in doing so, please contact us about volunteering.

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Ron Huss, KC8YVF

Deputy EC:

Position open


Mike Dougherty, KD8MMH AEC


Jeff Metiva, KB8SWR AEC


Dave Paquette, W8DW

Primary NCS:

Dave Paquette, W8DW

Secondary NCS:



Ron Huss, KC8YVF

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